Unique Hand-Woven, Natural Dye Scarves

Unique & Fashionable Scarves

Vibrant Color

Made of indigo and marigold. No chemicals added. Only natural materials used.

100% Organic Materials


About NV Bleú

About Us

NV Bleú offers unique scarves to women and men who value style and comfort. We are a small family owned business.

For Business Inquiries
Phone: (614) 747-3356 
Email: gail.nvbleu@gmail.com


Our scarves are imported from a village in Laos, which is our home country. Our Aunts help hand weave each scarf and dip them in natural dye to produce rich color. We help to provide employment to people in the Laos community.


Our artisans have a long tradition of hand weaving. The weaving techniques have been passed from generation to generation and each community has its own special weaving technique used from the raw cotton. 

About the Dye

To attain the vibrant color, the weaving yarns are dipped 10 to 20 times in a pot of indigo and marigold. The more the scarf is dipped, the darker and richer the color will be. No chemicals are added during the entire process.