The NV Bleú Story

During a visit to my homeland in the country of Laos, I met with the proprietor of a local organic cotton store. We discussed the origins of natural dyed, hand woven cotton produced by women in the rural areas. They used trees and flowers as base materials to make rare and beautiful cotton colors such as: Indigo Leaf, Mango Tree Bark, Coconut Peel, Marigold Flower and Malabar Leaf.

Under our NV Bleú brand, I have brought this natural fabric to the United States. All of our products, such as scarves and pillow cases, are made from organic cotton, naturally dyed and hand woven. We only use materials such as trees, plants, leaves and flowers to make our colors.

We now employ over 30 people in Laos to create our products. Our goal is to create sustainable income for women in the area while providing the highest quality and environmental-friendly products.


For Business Inquiries
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